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Bluff Shoot Calendar 2011 Under Construction

2nd and 3rd October

We had a successfull working bee on Saturday and a good shoot on Sunday. 10 locals turned up on Sunday to try their hand at field archery, and from comments made they had a good time. The weather was a little warm and the mosquitos a little friendlier than we would have like, but in all a good day.


We started on the practice range, discussing safety rules and the basics of archery, then after a period of practice we made our way out to the 10 target range that was set up on Saturday.


Scores for 20 targets (one round) from the yellow peg are:

Shane Snell Bowhunter Unlimited 382

Shane Snell (Nugget) Bowhunter Unlimited 330

Jasmin Sharrock Recurve 148

Riley Sharrock Recurve 64

Chloe-Rose Sharrock Recurve 136

Lisa Sharrock Recurve 152

Cherie McKay Compound 246

Bobby Washington Compound 222

Jessica Sharrock Compound 200

Amy Sharrock having a just few shots on the practice range and field range.


We plan to have another day in about 1 months time, will keep this website updated on the latest news.


People interested in attending archery at the Bluff grounds please contact Sharon on 49362692 or send us an email at


Next Shoot  - Saturday 27th November
Please contact Sharon on 49362692 if you wish to attend this shoot.

       Last shoot of the year will be
       Saturday 11th December.
       Break up for our club and AGM
       is held at the Rockhampton grounds
       on Sunday the 12th December.
       For more information, please contact
       Sharon on 49362692 or send us an

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