Capricorn Field Archers Inc.

Our Purpose

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Vision Statement

To promote archery in a social and family oriented environment emphasising high standards of safety, sportsmanship, ethics and skill.


Mission Statement

Provide a fun, healthy and safe sporting environment for individuals and families to participate and enjoy the sport of archery. Thus, enabling members to achieve their own personal goals by encouraging professionalism and commitment to excellence within the sport whilst supporting the ideals of Field Archery by means of broadening members awareness and skills through active participation.


ABA Affiliation

ABA (Australian Bowhunters Association) provide the rules and regulations for our grading, competitions, course distances and administration. The ABA assists with the guidelines of grading levels (A, B, C, D, Masters). Competitions are held at Branch, State, National and World levels.
Our range is set on acreage in the bush, we shoot at paper and 3D targets of different sizes, set at different distances. A shoot usually consists of 2 rounds. 1st round is a 3 arrow round followed by a 1 arrow round.

What are we all about?

The Capricorn Field Archers are a group of enthusiastic field archers from many different backgrounds brought together by their common interest in archery. With club shoots held most Sundays, the hopeful archers assemble around eight in the morning at the club grounds at Alton Downs, the practice range is set and the shooters prepare their equipment. Beginners are well catered for with loan equipment from the club and plenty of free coaching from the club’s qualified coaches. When all is set the range captain opens the practice range and the first lot of arrows fly, some even hit the targets!
While everyone is having fun on the practice range, the hard working people behind the scenes organize the archers into groups and assign them a starting target and a score sheet. Again the novices are well looked after, with more experienced members in their group, the young cubs and juniors have adults with them at all times when on the ranges.
So off to the first target again, the range captain gives the all clear and your group works its way around the twenty targets on the field range. After the round is complete it is back to the club house for some lunch and to find out how everyone has scored.  This is the time to bring out your excuses. After lunch it is back out to the field range again for another round then the scores are tallied up and it is time for some bragging or more excuses.

 The club has members who shoot just about every sort of archery gear available, from the simple stick and string of longbow and recurve to the very latest compound bow with all the accessories.  So, you will probably find a like minded soul in our group. Some members travel quite a bit to competitions and test their skill against the best in the country and are successful as well.

 Archery has no boundaries and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical capabilities.  If you just want a fun way to spend Sundays with the family or you want to be more competitive you will be welcome at the Capricorn Field Archers.