Capricorn Field Archers Inc.

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Thank You For visiting our Website. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a member or a part of our club .

You may contact us on 0458 651 057 please call or leave a SMS txt and will get back to you thankyou .

President 0458651057

Vice President - Chris Georgeson 0458651057

Secretary - Gavin Langdon
Email -

Treasurer- Scott Hannah 0409785227

Range Captain - Kyle Langdon

Score Recorder- Chris Georgeson

Head Coach - Brenton McFadzen

Coaches - Scott Hannah
Gavin Langdon
Kyle Langdon

Risk Management - Renee Buchanan

Bowhunting Instructor - Brenton McFadzen

Measurer - Brenton McFadzen 0418 190 610

Assistant Range Captain - Peter Buchanan

Public Relations - Elissa Rosemond

ABA Rep -
Please contact us with any queries you have.